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The night was cold and windy. The snow was falling from the dark blue sky, the snowflakes slowly flying through the icy air, making their way among the others, fighting through, floating around, carried away by the strong winds. The wind was howling over the forests and fields, covered by a thick layer of pure and undisturbed snow. The nature was sleeping deeply, there was no life around the Castle, not a single being in possession of a heart and soul, that would dare to withstand the cruelty and mercilessness of winter’s endless powers.
Axel was lying on his bed, hands under his head, looking at the ceiling and listening to the deep voice of the winter storm. It was bringing blue thoughts into his mind, making him drown in the depths of his inner loneliness.
It was all just a plain dream, a nasty play of his brain, throwing a web over him, making him unable to wind out of it by any chance. How could he ever be so naïve and believe that Larxene would ever care? That she would ever let him even touch her? He felt like a foolish little first-grader, falling desperately in love with his literature teacher. It was so childish, so hopeless, and so painful. Of course, love doesn’t exist for the heartless. It never has, never will. The plain meaning of their existence is to yearn for a heart, to fight the everlasting darkness, to vanish in it in the end, to be forgotten and wiped off the earth’s surface. There was no place for such a thing as love.
Larxene, if you only knew what you did to me, just by being so close that if I stretched my arm out, I could touch your beautiful body, but so distant and untouchable at the same time. You are like an eagle, roaming around, waiting for a moment to strike, and when you strike it rips me to pieces from inside, but I’d kill just to become your target, for one more night, for one more sinful moment. It felt so real, I have almost believed you were there. Right there in my arms…

“What is it, man?”
Axel looked at Xigbar that came to sit next to him at the windowsill. He smoked a cigarette and had a hood on his head.
“It’s nothing Xig, I’m just in my emo mode.” Axel smiled, remembering the old joke about Zexion, and he was sure that Xigbar has thought about the same thing.
“I can tell you, hard times are coming. I can smell it in the air. There’s something summoning up, it’s beneath the walls of the Castle but I can still feel it coming.”
“Wow, since when you got this inner eye?”
Axel was talking with a slight grin. It wasn’t recommended to always believe Xigbar’s rambling, although sometimes he actually happened to be right. And in those cases, he was usually scarily accurate.
Xigbar snorted. “As if, it’s just this preserving feeling, I don’t know. That’s a bit too much of thinking even for me,” he said and laughed roughly. Then he threw the butt away with help of his thumb and an index finger and hit the ashtray. It was an impressive number, according to the fact that the ashtray was actually under the table behind a corner.
Axel clapped and whistled. “Good job for an one-eyed pal.”
Xigbar just muttered something about inappropriate nicknames and vanished.

Axel remained alone again. He kept looking out of the window, thinking, about what he should do, about what was right and what was wrong. It was very hard to decide.
When he was about to leave the hallway, suddenly he felt a slight vibrations in his fingertips. She was coming.
“Axelll,” she pronounced with a strong L, making a wide grin at him. “I am glad to see you. I have an issue to discuss with you.”
He looked at her and lift his eyebrows. “And that is?”
“I was thinking, maybe you should reconsider the offer you made to Marluxia some days ago. I remember how you wanted to go for that mission and I believe that you should try. I mean… You are the number Eight. The fire. You rule the powers that noone of us can ever imagine.”
Axel kept staring at her without a word. When he saw the look in her eyes, he felt like falling into a deep, endless hole. She felt so affected, so attached to someone, but it wasn’t him. It was Xaldin, the Whirlwind Lancer, the one who was supposed to go, the one who was obviously supposed to die. And now she came to ask him, to sacrifice his life instead of the one that she at least liked, if nothing more.
Without a word he turned his back to her and walked away. His world has fallen apart.

He opened the black hole right in the center of their nest. They were everywhere, crawling all over him, taking his life away, taking everything that was left of his heart away. He looked up, but all he could see was an endless and suffocating darkness. He saw their enormous yellow eyes staring at him, watching him, bringing their legacy of infinite damnation.
If I am to be damned, I will. I will do this for you, for your blue eyes, for your cold, heartless pleasure.
He closed his eyes and a wrinkle appeared between his eyebrows as he frowned in concentration. His fire chakrams started summoning in his hands and he took the battle pose.
“Even the death of a single one of you would be worth my coming here,” he shizzled from beneath his shut teeth and jumped into the air. An infinite army of the heartless creatures answered with a heavy strike, hitting him hard.

Larxene woke up in the middle of the night, from an unbearable nightmare that took over her mind while she was asleep. Her body was shaking and she could hardly breathe.
“What is it?” Xaldin asked, not bothering to open one eye.
Without an answer, she rushed out of bed, put her coat on and disappeared. Xaldin didn’t even try to go after her, he knew that it had nothing to do with him, and even if so, all he’d get would be a couple of ugly electric shocks in the end, so he remained in bed, continuing his peaceful sleep.
She entered the black hole that Axel created, and when she stepped out, she happened to be on a wide field covered with snow. The wind was blowing so hard that she could hardly see, and its freezing fingers were getting under her coat, making her shiver. She knew he did it, and she felt like fainting. The pain, why the pain?
She tried to walk a few steps, looking around, looking for some clue, when suddenly she saw a frozen chakram pierced in the snow. The blood in her veins froze. If his weapon is here, he must be here as well. And he is not yet gone.
“AXEL,” she screamed through the wind, but there was no answer.
“Axel,” she whispered as her voice broke. She was struggling through the snow and wind, calling his name, hoping she’d find him in time. It almost seemed lost, when she suddenly saw him. He was laying on the ground, covered by a soft snow blanket. His coat was torn and his hair frozen. His normally pale face now overtook the color of the snow that was surrounding him and his eyes were shut. He didn’t move.
She kneeled down to him, taking his head in her hands, putting it on her chest.
“Axel, I didn’t mean to do this. I am so sorry, I should have never asked you, please don’t leave now, don’t…”
There was no response as he was unable of any movement, his numb body totally out of his control. But his mind could still perceive Larxene’s voice, the warmth coming from her body.
“I would’ve never thought you could ever manage to defeat them all, I hoped you’d just come back, I… I didn’t want this!”
“Why would I come back? To witness how you disappear right from beneath my embrace?” Almost unhearable voice came out of his mouth.
Larxene kissed his forehead and held him even tighter.
“What are you talking about, you foolish little boy?”
“You would never understand this,” he breathed out and coughed. His face was already starting to get covered by an almost unnoticeable layer of ice, no matter how hard she tried to warm him up. If she could rule the fire, she would know how to work around, but doing anything like this was completely beneath all her abilities.
“Axel I need to take you to safety. We can talk this out later. Please, be strong, I can get you out of here. We will be fine, I promise.”
She tried to lift him, but it was impossible, his freezing body weighed way too much for her to even move it, and he was unable of anything.
She kept trying to find a way to get him out, back to the black hole, back to the warm castle, and she didn’t hear him calling her.
“Larxene, please…”
“Where the hell is everyone when I need them!”
“Larxene, I love you.”
Her eyes widened as she heard Axel’s whispering. She froze for a second, her brain unable to work that through. Then she turned back, she wanted to embrace him, to carry him back to the Castle, no matter if she should die doing it. She wanted to save him. Suddenly, she felt. She felt something very dear that fell apart when her eyes witnessed Axel, fading away into darkness. His heartless body, but a shell of the stolen feelings and emotions was melting in the air, being taken away forever by the winter winds.
“No,” a silent whisper came out of her throat, “No, this cannot be happening,” she ran to him, kneeled down into the freezing snow, trying to touch him, for one last time, but he was gone. Soon the outlines of his disappeared forever, to the place with no return.
She sat there, staring at the empty white snow night, her eyes looking for an answer within the white night skies. She was waiting for a sign to come, for anything to happen, to ensure her that it was all just a bad dream, but there was none. No sign, no answer to her endless questions, no mercy on her torn soul.
He fell into oblivion right in front of her eyes, with the words of his life on his lips, and she couldn’t do anything to stop the process.
She couldn’t believe it was his fate. That it was his fate to fight and die for her.

The night was very cold, colder than ever. The trees were crackling, their bodies deeply frozen, their tortured voices sounding through the woods. The wind kept playing with the snowflakes that were still falling on the ground, winter was singing her merciless song that foreshadowed the end.
Nothing has changed in the Castle. Nothing, except the thick, black lines across the numbers of  VIII and XII.

I need a miracle and not someone's charity
One drop of love from her
And my heart's in ecstasy
The high that is sending me
Is most likely ending me
I need a miracle and not someone's charity..
Fill up my heart with love
Oh, you'd be amazed at how little I need from him
to feel complete here and now
Stirring within me
are these feelings I can't ignore
I need a miracle and that's what I'm hoping for
Confront your self-doubts.
Be brave!
They are bound to be vanquished.
The determination in your heroic effort
Will permeate your mind and heart
Even after your success or failure
Is long forgotten.

~Sri Chinmoi

I wish there was a happy ending to every fairytale...

*hugs Larxene* But you wouldn't change Axel for that stinky Xaldin, would you? ; _ ;

~:heart: to anyone who might like this.
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